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HKBU Alumna Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun (Secretarial Management)

The BUddy Post reporter has interviewed an outstanding entrepreneur and enthusiastic alumna Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun, Managing Director of TWC Management Limited. Alumna Tsang is delighted to share with us her management philosophy and secret to success.

Reporter : Can you tell us something more about yourself?

Alumna Tsang : I graduated from the then Hong Kong Baptist College in Secretarial Management. I was working part-time while I was studying. However, I managed to attain a distinction and was awarded the President’s Honour Roll. Upon my graduation, I pursued further study after day time job, and obtained an MBA degree as well as various professional qualifications.

My career path was actually a bit bumpy. Back then, employers usually had a bias on the graduates of HKBC and the remuneration of HKBC’s graduates was not as generous. Due to my perseverance, I managed to ride over all the difficulties, hardship, and hurdles encountered. Spiritually, my belief in Christianity gives me faith and support when I am weak. Moreover, mentally, I was fortunate to have full support from my parents when I faced difficulties.

In 2000, I resigned from the position as the Director and Department Head in a Certified Public Accountants firm, and decided to establish my own business. Now, apart from managing my own business, I am also an independent non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chairman of a public-listed company. In addition, I am actively involved in many committees and advisory works for the HKSAR Government, primary schools, non-profit making organisations and church.

I love my alma mater and I have participated in the committee works for the HKBU Alumni Association over 20 years, and was elected as the President in 2000-2004. In 2007, I assisted in the establishment and incorporation of the HKBU Century Club, and elected then as the Vice-President. Now, I have become the President. At the same time, I have been involved actively in an array of projects organised by HKBU, and have become advisors of various committees and student bodies.

Reporter : As the Managing Director of TWC Management Limited, can you share with us your business management wisdom?

Alumna Tsang : My management wisdom comes from one of my most favourite verses from the Bible (Matthew 10:16) “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”. I have applied the wisdom of “flexible as serpents and harmless as doves” in my business. I believe that it is essential to have acumen and shrewdness in facing problems. Always be alert and aware of opportunities, threats, situations and problems. Concurrently, it is equally important to be kindhearted, serve your clients with all your heart and treat your staff with kindness. My company’s Chinese name also has this implication.

Reporter : In your opinion, what are the three most important qualities of a successful business entrepreneur?

Alumna Tsang : First of all, I strongly believe that we should have the courage to take up new challenges when opportunities arise. In 2004, there was a surge in Private Equity Fund investments in Mainland China. My company grasped the opportunity to play a part in providing this investment service to my clients, and I succeeded eventually in entering the global financial arena.

Secondly, I think that creativity is crucial. Creativity should not be restricted to product or event design, but can also be applied to servicing clients, problem solving and management skill. We have to be creative to solve problems, as I truly believe in “where there is a will, there is a way”. Without a creative way of servicing my clients, I would never have had a chance to explore the international financial market as a local Hong Kong company.

Thirdly, it is important to have expertise in management skills including time management, work management and resources management. As for the human resources management, my principle is to fully unleash one’s potential and capabilities. On the financial front, I adopt a cautious approach.

Reporter : Noticing that you are a very active alumna of HKBU, apart from being the President of the HKBU Century Club, you are also an Ex-officio Member of The Alumni Committee of the HKBU Foundation from 2012 to 2014. What motivates you to become an enthusiastic alumna?

Alumna Tsang : I am a very thankful person and I am very proud of my alma mater. I had witnessed the development of HKBU, especially in times of difficulties. In particular, I am very impressed that the then President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Daniel Tse and all the teachers and staff had sacrificed their time and fought through all the hardships thereby laying a solid foundation for the HKBU today. I have developed a strong sense of belonging towards HKBU since I was a student.

Reporter : Can you tell us something more about the latest development of HKBU Century Club?

Alumna Tsang : Century Club has launched the Century Club Sponsorship Scheme since 2008 with the aim of providing financial support to projects which contribute to the sustainable development of HKBU. The Scheme this year received encouraging response from seven Faculties and Departments. Riding on these sponsored projects, our board members also proactively participated in the ceremonial events and presentations of these projects. This year marks the 5th anniversary of our sponsorship scheme and we are very grateful to our members and especially our patrons for their donations to the Century Club Fund who have made the sponsorship Scheme a success.

Over the past two years, Century Club has organised popular events, including demonstration and seminar by internationally renowned porcelain artist and free cardiovascular check-up. In addition, we also collaborated with Communication alumni for the Cha Cha Cha fundraising activity, and participated in the celebration of 10th Anniversary of the HKBU MBA(China) Alumni Association in Guangzhou. We are now trying to partner with HKBUAA for their Mentoring Programme, liaising with the student union bodies in fund raising for student hostel, etc.

Reporter : What are your favourite pastimes?

Alumna Tsang : My favourite pastimes are reading, family gathering and sports like swimming and dancing. Apart from relaxing, these pastime activities can enrich my personal development to a certain extent. For instance, I can broaden my horizons and keep updated on my professional knowledge through reading books and continuing education, whereas doing sports can keep me in good shape,which in turn enhances my work efficiency. Furthermore, regular gatherings with family strengthen my bonding with family members.

Reporter : What are your aspirations and what is your motto in life?

Alumna Tsang : My aspiration is to do the best out of my time, my abilities and my potentials. I am constantly striving for improvement and pursuing for excellence. My motto in life is to work hard,be steadfast and positive. Help others without looking for return as I believe that there are blessings for helping others.

Reporter : Being one of the most dedicated alumna at HKBU, do you have anything to share to our student or fellow alumni?

Alumna Tsang : The ethos of Whole Person Education of HKBU has nurtured us to face up to different challenges. We should always have the willingness to contribute and achieve more, and not to be petty-minded. Be able to showcase the spirit of HKBU through positive attitude and behaviour. It is also important to pursue life-long learning, and lastly, as one of the HKBU alumni, stay connected with your alma mater and be proud of being a member of the HKBU family.

Interviewee’s Biography:
Alumna Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun is currently the Managing Director of TWC Management Limited, and the President of HKBU Century Club and Ex-officio Member of The Alumni Committee of the HKBU Foundation etc. She has extensive experience in corporate and consultancy services and has won numerous acclaim in recognition of her achievements and contributions to society including being one of the awardees receiving the “2009 Asia-Pacific the Most Creative Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders. Female Entrepreneur”, “2010 Asia-Pacific the Most Responsible Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders”and “2011 Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies”.



Marianna is dedicated to contributing to her alma mater throughout the years

Marianna has attained a number of awards in recognition of her achievements and contributions to society

2011 Demonstration and seminar by internationally renowned porcelain artist

2011 HKBU Century Club Annual General Meeting

2012 HKBU Century Club organising the Cha Cha Cha fundraising event with Communication alumni

Marianna’s Company: TWC Management Limited

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