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HKBU Alumnus Dr. Vincent Ho Wai-fung (Communication)

The BUddy Post has interviewed School of Communication alumnus Dr. Vincent Ho Wai-fung to share his experience in the new media industry. Vincent is nicknamed “The Father of Microblog Film” in Mainland China.

Reporter: Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Vincent: I graduated from the School of Communication (Film and Video) in 1993. In the first 10 years after graduation, I had worked as programme producer, host and screenwriter in different TV stations. During the World Cup in 1994, I was working in ATV and produced a programme called “Watching Soccer with Michael Hui”. I had also worked in Cable TV, producing variety shows. In 1998, I joined Hong Kong Telecom and got the first touch with new media, which is completely different from traditional media. In 2003, I cooperated with others to start 3GTV which is a content provider for mobile companies. And in 2005, I directed and produced the first microblog film in Asia and that’s where my nickname came from.

Reporter: What is difference between microblog film and film?

Vincent: I have a “125 Theory” for microblog film. “1” refers to“ 1 goal” – fast, fierce and accurate”. “2”means “2 elements” – music and product placement and “5” means that the duration of microblog film should be within 5 minutes so as to catch the attention of the audience. Microblog film should be broadcast via mobile device. Those that are shown on TV only cannot be called microblog films.

Reporter: Why do you like to make microblog films?

Vincent: We all live in a “fast-moving society” nowadays and our life has been divided into bits and pieces. To spend an hour or two to see a film has become a luxury. Against this background, microblog films are short and very suitable for our fast-paced life.

Reporter: What made you able to finish “Love.Xi Shi Tofu” within 48 hours?

Vincent: In fact, 48 hours is the requirement of the competition organiser. It takes good management skills to complete this mission. And because of good management, my team of 6 was still able to get 6 to 8 hours’ sleep during the filming. I had no screenplay for the film. I just gave the artists clear direction and let them play their roles in their own ways. I did prohibit anybody from leaving the crew in the last 6 hours because the time was reserved for post-production or amendments if needed. I think this last 6 hours is like the last 10 years in our life which should be devoted to reflection of our past and make further improvements if possible.

Reporter: How should students prepare for themselves if they wish to start their career in new media industry?

Vincent: To start with, it is better to join some large-scale companies where they can observe and learn. It is a bit too risky to start a business right after graduation. Hong Kong is a small place with speedy information flow. As long as you are creative, it is relatively easy to promote your products and services.

Reporter: Which director do you appreciate most?

Vincent: The director I appreciate most is Peter Chan Ho-san. His films reflect the spirit of Hong Kong and are well-liked by mainland Chinese also. I think we should learn from him.

Reporter: Any advice for BU students?

Vincent: To be a new media person, you need to try different things and observe what is happening around you. We only live once and so we need to have good planning and focus on the direction set. We should resist temptations that hinder the pursuit of our dreams.

Interviewee’s Biography:

Alumnus Dr. Vincent Ho Wai-fung graduated from the School of Communication (Film and Video) and is currently a microblog film producer. He is also a member of the Judge Panel of Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, academic advisor of the School of Communication, HKBU and programme development consultant of RTHK.



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