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HKBU Alumnus Mr. Patrick Siu Chiu-shun (Geography)

He produced the music video “Sunset in Paris” of late singer, Leslie Cheung. He was involved in the production of the world tour concert of Jacky Cheung. Who is he? The BUddy Post reporter has interviewed an outstanding alumnus, Mr. Patrick Siu Chiu-shun, Managing Director of Wellfit Multi Media Group, who shared with us his views on entertainment and creative industry.

Reporter: Knowing that you are an alumnus of Geography Department, why did you make a career move to TVB after graduation?

Alumnus Siu: I think it is by fate that I am who I am now. I am so grateful to have studied at my alma mater, Hong Kong Baptist University because everything started from there. I remember that when I was a freshman, I started working as a student helper who served in the Academic Community Hall (AC Hall). As I enjoyed watching stage performances and concerts so much that I kept working until I graduated. Fortunately, the Hall Manager referred me to a position at TVB right after my graduation, and I had been working in TVB from 1984 to 1997. Although my work is not directly relating to Geography, it is interesting enough that I could apply the theory and concept of Geography into the production of TV programmes, especially for those life-styled programmes on travelling.

Reporter: Can you recall one of the most unforgettable and joyful experience you have had throughout your career? Can you share with us your hard times and bad experience?

Alumnus Siu: The most memorable project I have participated in the production was the celebration performance of 1997 Handover Ceremony at Hung Hom Coliseum, which was broadcasted live via satellite to places around the world. Others like Celebrating 50th and 60th Anniversaries of National Day, and Century Tour Concert for Jacky Cheung from December 2010 to May 2012, to name but a few. In addition, I was very glad to have the opportunities to manage the concert productions of some top-tier local singers such as George Lam and Sam Hui.

I also remember another joyful experience of meeting Leslie Cheung when I was organising a fundraising campaign in 1984. Leslie was one of the performers at the fundraising concert at the AC Hall. I was very excited that we met again in Leslie’s MTV when I was working as Production Assistant after my graduation. Leslie had a very positive attitude and he was so encouraging even to a junior staff like me. Few years later in 1989, I had the opportunity to produce the music video “Sunset in Paris”, casting by Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung and Cherie Chung, who were the three most popular celebrities in Hong Kong during the 80’s and 90’s. It was quite impressive as it was the first-of-its-kind music video production in which the whole crew flew over to Paris for the shooting.

As for the hard times, I think it is the passing away of my beloved friend, Mr. James Wong Jim. James was indeed my closest buddy and mentor who had always shed light on my thoughts. In fact, James and Andy Lau have been very supportive to my company financially and mentally. I still remember James inspired me to “Think Big”, and I have put forward this concept throughout my life and career. Therefore, in 2000, I sold my company to CCT Telecom Holdings Limited which was one of the public listed companies in Hong Kong, and I became a member of their Board of Director. James was so talented and creative and he has taught me a lot in dealing with people from different walks of life. After he passed away in 2004, I had once totally lost my direction and I had had a very difficult time in dealing with life, not to mention managing my business.

Reporter: Could you share with us your works on TV programme?

Alumnus Siu: After I left TVB, I have produced a lot of life-style related TV episodes such as “So Good” and “China a la Li”. These were originally my ideas which turned successfully into TV programmes with relatively high ratings.

Currently, I am preparing to shoot a TV programme on travelling to 5 continents at 40 degrees to the North of the equator. Geographically speaking, places at this latitude are the optimal locations for people to reside in. It is rather interesting that I can apply what I have learnt in Geography courses to my career now.

Reporter: As the Managing Director of Wellfit Multi Media Group Ltd, what is your management strategy?

Alumnus Siu: My business strategy is to win with calculated risk. From a management point of view, I think it is significantly important for a company to equip itself with both hardware and software. By means of hardware, it is essential to have advanced technical equipment for production; whilst for software, it is equally important to have the appropriate creative talents. Yet, Hong Kong is lacking of creative talents nowadays.

Reporter: You have managed productions for TV programmes, live performances and large-scale events, which one do you enjoy the most amongst these three aspects?

Alumnus Siu: I achieved great satisfaction in all three aspects of work. After all, I have gained different kinds of experience when I work in TV programmes, live performances on stage and event productions. One major difference for producing TV programmes and live performances is that I can receive the feedback from the audience instantly after the performances on stage; whilst for TV programmes, I do not know about the ratings and responses from the audience until the episodes are launched, which may take a few weeks.

Reporter: From your perspective, what are the qualifications to become a successful leader and newcomers?

Alumnus Siu: A leader of an organisation plays a pivotal role in setting up a good example for the staff to follow. In a company, the staff will usually treat the leader as a role model, and thus the leader has the responsibility for shaping an appropriate corporate culture of a company. For instance, I am a very hard-working person and my team will be motivated to work hard and to be dedicated.

As for the fresh graduates and newcomers to the industry, I advise them to proactively grasp any opportunities available, and not be so petty-minded. If you have made the effort to accomplish a goal, the benefits which you attain will eventually outweigh your cost.

Reporter: What are you currently studying at HKBU? Why would you be interested to enroll in the programme?

Alumnus Siu: I am currently studying a Master’s degree programme in Media Management under School of Communication. Actually, I have been in the media and entertainment business for a long time and I have gained a spectrum of practical experience in my career. Yet, I would like to acquire some theoretical knowledge of project management in the media arena to see how it can complement my work. I have good results in my academic pursuit as I knew most of the subjects very well. On the other hand, I would like to set a good example for my daughter to follow, and demonstrate to her what it means by continuing education.

Reporter: Amidst your busy working schedule, how do you maintain work-life balance? What are your hobbies?

Alumnus Siu: It is quite fortunate that I can combine my interest with my career. One of my most favourite pastimes is watching live performance and concerts and I am lucky to do both while I am working on stage. Like all other men, I also enjoy playing tennis and soccer game.

Reporter: What are your aspirations and what is your motto in life?

Alumnus Siu: I strongly believe in putting what you think is right into action. We need to build our own dreams, and find ways to achieve your dreams successfully. I always agree that if you try things out, you will get 50% chance of winning. On the other hand, you will get nothing if you never try.



Alumnus Patrick Siu loves his career as concert and TV programmes producer

Patrick has cooperated happily with many famous artists




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