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New Book Release from HKBU Alumni

Child Sexual Abuse: Best Practices for Interviewing and Treatment by Alumna Prof. Monit Cheung Kam-fong (Sociology)
Alumna Prof. Cheung’s comprehensive new manual uses the recent development of forensic interviewing techniques and best practice research to provide both a practical resource for interview conduct and court preparation, and treatment suggestions for cases involving child sexual abuse.


Child Sexual Abuse: Best Practices for Interviewing and Treatment ISBN 978-193-34784-3-2


Modern China by Alumnus Ho Shen-kuen (Chinese Language and Literature)
Alumnus Ho shares with the readers the outlook of a modern China from the cultural, social, political and historical perspectives.


《現代中國》ISBN 978-988-16686-1-5


Life in England by Alumna Bonnie Chen Hor-yee (English Journalism)
This book is a collection of 44 articles which have been published in the column of Headline Daily, which is an interesting travelogue on Alumna Chen’s study life in the UK in 2009-2010. Readers could gain a better understanding of the British culture at a glance.


《英倫話語》ISBN 978-962-67298-4-7


No Pain No Gain for Children by Alumnus Kwan Him-bun (Chemistry)
This book advocates the idea of educating children the concept of “no pain no gain” to enhance their tolerance level, so that children could become stronger psychological and mentally, and be able to develop their potentials to the fullest.


《刻苦孩子不怕痛》ISBN 978-988-19839-9-2

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