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Recent Activities of Various HKBU Alumni Associations

HKBUAA of Southern California holds a dinner reception for
President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Albert S C Chan

The dinner was held on 25 March 2012 to welcome and thank President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Albert S C Chan for his second visit within six months. Alumna Ms. Susanna Ma, President of the Association, briefed President Chan on the Association’s development and activity plan, while President Chan shared with alumni HKBU’s latest development and a winning couplet-like slogan of the Whole-Person Education@HKBUCompetition. As a token of appreciation, President Chan gave alumni a tailor-made bookmark printed with his poem.


Alumni from Southern California seize the chance in meeting President Albert Chan in the welcome dinner.


HKBU Economics Alumni Association Meets up with Students

On 3 April 2012, alumni of HKBU Economics Alumni Association met up with current students from Economics Society of HKBU and Student Union at the Renfrew Restaurant. At the dinner, the alumni showed their career and life experiences with the students and gave them guidance.


Economic Alumni Association often gets together with their “younger brothers and sisters”.


Career Talk organised by Physical Education and Recreation Management Alumni Association

The 4th Physical Education and Recreation Management Alumni Association (PERMAA) organised a career talk on HKBU Campus on 17 April 2012.

To better prepare undergraduate students for career development and let them know more about the latest trend of sports and recreational industry, PERMAA has invited representatives from respective fields to host career talks on campus. The talk turned out to be very successful. The undergraduates gained industry insights, as well as getting job interview opportunities from alumni speakers.

Guests Speakers of the Career Talk are as follows:
Ms. Joyce Chan, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Mr. Aaron Chan, LCSD
Mr. Leslie Kam, Scout Association of HK
Ms. Tse Wing Shan, Olivia, HK Tennis Association
Ms. Cheung Wai Yan, Fanling Kau Yan College
Mr. Ngai Chun Yin, Fukien Secondary School
Mr. Lam Lik Piu, Club House of Laguna City
Ms. Leung Ching Mui, Haac (Corporate training company)
Mr. Ho Kin Shing, Insurance consultant from AIA


Alumni from the field of physical education & recreation management and the undergraduates have a happy moment.


The Alumni Association of Physical Education Department, Post-Graduate Studies, HKBU holds Annual General Meeting 2011-2012

The Alumni Association of Physical Education (PE) Department Post-Graduate Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University held its 2011-12 Annual General Meeting on 21 April which was attended by over 70 members. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sport and Leisure Management Master Program, the Association has invited all the graduates and professors of the program to join the event. Everyone was overwhelmed with the joy of reunion.


The Advisors and Executive Committee Members.

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