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March 2015
Updates on HKBU Century Club
Presenting TV Programme “The Analects for Us All” Advocating Confucianism

HKBU Century Club (The Club) will present a television programme “The Analects for Us All” on Asia Television (ATV) featuring Confucianism to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hong Kong Baptist University and the 40th anniversary of the Club in 2016.

Founded in 1976, the Club is an alumni association that supports the University’s development through a variety of donation initiatives and fellowship activities. Under its ethos of “alumni engagement” and “community engagement” which is in line with one of the strategic focus areas under HKBU’s “Vision 2020”, the Club believes the TV programme will set out a platform to advocate the Confucian thoughts and virtues across the community.

The TV programme, with alumna Katie Chan Fook-sang being the executive producer and the hostress, will make its debut and be aired on ATV in mid-March. Emeritus President of HKBU and Honorary President of the Club Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai will host the first episode.

A press conference of the programme was held on 12 February 2015. In support of the production of the programme, HKBU Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology has provided comments and assistance on programme contents, venues and recommendation on scholars. In addition, the programme received generous sponsorship from Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation and the Club’s Patron and Director alumna Esther Wong May-wai to cover the broadcasting expense. For the on-going production of the programme, the Club wishes to have continuous sponsorship and support from HKBU alumni and the community.

The first sixty episodes of the TV programme will be put together in CDs and be shown on television, radio and e-newspaper. The CDs will also be distributed to local schools and be given to HKBU as a gift for the 60th anniversary.

In February 2015, Patron and Director alumna Esther Wong May-wai, Immediate Past President and Patron alumna Marianna Tsang Wai-chun and President alumnus Kent Tsui Kwok-yue jointly sponsored the airing of a TV commercial of the Club on ATV to send new year blessings to alumni.
The Club’s representatives attend the press conference of "The Analects for Us All"
(From left) Chief Executive Officer of ATV alumnus Ip Ka-po, President alumnus Kent Tsui Kwok-yue, Immediate Past President and Patron alumna Marianna Tsang Wai-chun, Patron and Director alumna Esther Wong May-wai, members alumna Katie Chan Fook-sang and alumna Yoki Chan Wah-yuk
Sponsorship Scheme 2014: Closing cum Appreciation Ceremony of “Freshman Experience Programme – Lead-Serve Communities 2014-15”

With the support of the HKBU Century Club Sponsorship Scheme 2014, one of the sponsored projects titled “Freshman Experience Programme – Lead-Serve Communities (FEP-LSC) 2014-15” organised its FEP-LSC Closing cum Appreciation Ceremony on 17 January 2015. Director of the Club alumnus Bernard Wu Tak-lung was invited to attend and present certificates of appreciation to the programme participants.

The FEP-LSC is an initiative aiming at enhancing freshmen’s sense of belonging to HKBU and fostering students' positive mind-set and readiness to learn, to lead and to serve through social support groups, thus forming the caring communities. This year, nearly 180 freshmen and senior students joined the programme. For more information about the programme, please refer to http://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/lqc/feplsc/.

With the aim of rendering continuous contribution to the University’s betterment and sustainable development, HKBU Century Club launched the Century Club Sponsorship Scheme in 2008 to provide financial support to academic and student development projects. For more information about the Scheme, please refer to http://aao.hkbu.edu.hk/en/networks/century_club/
Director of the Club alumnus Bernard Wu (6th from right) presents certificates to participating students
Guests and students pose for a group photo as a finale of the programme this year
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