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June 2016
Recent Alumni Activities of Social Sciences
Results of Social Sciences Alumni Essay Competition

The Faculty of Social Sciences presented prizes to three young contestants on 21 April for their brilliant essays for the “Opportunities Competition” which was one of the celebratory activities of the Faculty’s 45th Anniversary. 

The theme of the competition was “What opportunities will your profession have to shape our society of 2061?” and individual contestant set their own title for the essay. The aim of the Competition was to encourage alumni and current students of Social Sciences to recognise and seize the tremendous opportunities around them.

The Champion of the Competition went to alumna Chan Hoi-lam (Geography) for her essay “Make Strategic Decision with New Spatial Perspective – Yes We Can”. With a short essay of around 800 words, alumna Chan has given many real life examples to ascertain readers that “Geography is an essential knowledge to provide a better understanding of how local and regional variance impact on the changing of human behavior and social phenomena.” The Review Panel Members commented that this essay has a clear title and inspiring content. All Panel Members rated high on its originality, creativity and the writing skills. Alumna Chan was awarded HK$7,000.

Alumna Ho Suet-chun (China Studies), the 1st runner up in the Competition has adopted the direct dialogue approach to write her essay titled “Door”. The dialogue is among seven alumni at a house-warming party in 2061. It suggests some of the possibilities and development paths of Social Sciences graduates. She concludes with an inspiring message, saying “Graduates of Social Sciences possess the 7 attributes of whole-person development, namely Citizenship, Knowledge, Learning, Skills, Creativity, Communication and Teamwork. Graduates will be able to keep abreast of the latest social development and adapt to changes perfectly since we believe that these attributes gained from our profession will never become obsolete even when everything changes in 2061...” Alumna Ho was awarded HK$5,000.

Alumna Cai Peng (Sport and Leisure Management) scooped the third prize. Her essay “Fantasy World – Faster, Higher, Stronger” showcases her professional viewpoint of management in leisure-related industry. She has come up with several imaginations on how scientific and technological tools advancement will shape a healthier and better society by 2061. While addressing the benefits of “intelligentisation” and virtual simulation to the world, she points out an underlying risk of “having legal issues arising from the use of high-tech equipment. For instance, if high-tech devices are used in athletics, it will probably provoke fairness issues. In addition, while technology can facilitate the collection of data, it may also generate privacy issues.” Alumna Cai was awarded HK$3,000.

Members of the Review Panel were Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Peter Huang, Assistant Professor of Geography Dr. Claudio O. Delang, Assistant Professor of Government and International Studies Dr. Kang Yi, Assistant Professor of History Dr. David Schley, Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Kim Seungmo, Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Ruan Danching and Lecturer of Social Work Mr. Ng Siu Hung.
The Champion of the competition alumna Chan Hoi-lam receives the award certificate from Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Adrian Bailey.
Mentorship Scheme of HKBU Social Work Alumni Association

Each year, HKBU Social Work Alumni Association offers a mentoring scheme to help soon-to-be Social Work graduates to get prepared for real professional practice. Earlier this year, the mentors and mentees were introduced to one another. With the aim of sharing real-life scenarios and practical experiences with the participants, an alumni sharing talk and a two-day mock interview session were organised in March and April respectively.

A second reunion dinner for mentors and mentees was also held on 9 May to strengthen their ties. The dinner was attended by 30 participants.
A mock interview session is organised in April.
Alumni share work experience with soon-to-be graduates.
The second Mentors and Mentees Dinner is well attended by 30 participants.
The 60th Anniversary Dinner of Sociology

To celebrate 60 years of teaching of Sociology, the Department of Sociology and the Sociology Alumni Association jointly organised the Dinner at Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre on 28 May. Nearly 170 participants attended the dinner, including alumni from the 1970s to 2015, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and four former teaching staff. Highlights of the dinner included a scholarship presentation to five recipients, a presentation of the development and people of the Department of Sociology over the past six decades, and two sharing sessions – one by former and current teaching staff, and the other by students and alumni from various cohorts. The atmosphere was lively and participants enjoyed mingling and taking photos with teachers and their friends during the dinner.

Guests preside at the roasted pig-cutting ceremony.
Participants make a toast to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Sociology.
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