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July 2017
A Dialogue with Distinguished Alumni: The Way to Surf and Serve
The Fourth Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) High Table Dinner themed The Way to Surf and Serve, organised by Alumni Affairs Office, was held with great success on 13 June on HKBU campus. This year, the dinner was graced with the presence of the four DAA recipients, namely Ms. Delia Chan (Secretarial Management / Chinese Medicine), Dr. Poon Po-chiu (Chinese Language and Literature), Mr. Philip Tsai (Accounting) and Mr. Sunny Wong (Business Management) who shared their valuable experience and insights with participants the way to surf and serve the society.
Attitude Determines Your Success

Mr. Sunny Wong started off the discussion with an inspiring story to emphasise how mindset would shape one’s life. The story was about a young lady who was visually impaired since childhood but she has never given up a chance to do her best. Mr. Wong once asked her, “Did you feel despairing on your situation?” “No, I am thankful to it. Though I am unable to see, I can understand others from the bottom of my heart. As long as I can feel the sunlight, I will continue to fight for my life!” Her optimistic and positive attitude has deeply impressed Mr. Wong.

Mr. Wong added that apart from having a positive mindset, proactive work attitude and being knowledgeable were also important in leading to success. “Actually I was not sure what I wanted to be when I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist College, but then I have spent ten years to equip myself and acquire new knowledge. I am thankful to what I have experienced,” said Mr. Wong earnestly.
The four DAA recipients share their experience and wisdom with participants.
Mr. Sunny Wong
Go All Out, For the Best

With her motto “Go all out, for the best”, Ms. Delia Chan highlighted the importance of life-long learning, broadening of horizons and be courageous. “Doing one’s best doesn’t necessarily bring good result,” said Ms. Chan and hence she recommended to keep a hobby, no matter it was sports, painting or calligraphy that helped release stress. If you can positively face the problem, things will go smooth on their way.

When asked about the future of Chinese Medicine Industry, Ms. Chan strongly believed that it was promising and she encouraged graduates to maintain professionalism of the industry with their best effort and passion.
Ms. Delia Chan
Curiosity Is a Motivation of Our Lives

Mr. Philip Tsai regarded himself as a curious person who was eager to acquire new knowledge. As an auditor, he had the chance to know people from different background and understand different industries. He has actively participated in community services in which he could learn and discover new aspects in life and render help to others. Every day we come across new things. Mr. Tsai hoped young people could stay positive and be brave to take on challenges and learn new things. Only in this way could we make our dream come true and serve the community.
Mr. Philip Tsai
Character is Destiny

Dr. Poon Po-chiu thought students from Faculty of Arts needed not be too anxious about job seeking. The ultimate goal of education was to help students equip with basic skills, including language and organising capabilities. He reckoned that graduation field would not limit one’s choice of career but one’s personality would instead determine the future career. He advised our fellow alumni and students to devote more time and efforts to acquire skill-sets which help develop their career paths.

As a concluding note, Mr. Wong hoped that students should see things positively and make an impact on the lives of others, while Ms. Chan encouraged them to be proactive and courageous to cope with difficulties. Mr. Tsai emphasised the importance of diligence and Dr. Poon believed that attitude determined achievements in our lives. Finding your interests and developing your skills, you would get the chance to make a difference in your life.

The invaluable insights and wisdoms from the four alumni gave much inspiration to the participants. The annual high table dinner ended with a big round of applause to the four DAA recipients.

Dr. Poon Po-chiu
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