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January 2016
Chinese Medicine Practitioner Alumna Yeung Ming-ha Shares Tips for Staying Healthy
Alumna Yeung Ming-ha was one of the first batch of students receiving intensive training on Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). She received her Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science and also Master of Chinese Medicine from HKBU. Last year, she won a PhD scholarship funded by Mr. Victor Choi, the founder of “Dragon Culture” to pursue her doctorate degree with a focus on the popular chronic skin disease “Rosacea”. Ming-ha had once participated in research and development of organic Chinese medicinal skincare products and gained substantial knowledge in Chinese Medicine dermatology. One of her recent publications on health and beauty (養生•養顏 – 讓人年輕10年的45個好習慣) is so well-received that it has been reprinted four times in six months since its launch. The book was also shortlisted as one of the top 15 best books in the category "Medical and Health" by Hong Kong Golden Book Award 2015.

Ming-ha attributes her fondness for Chinese Medicine to her childhood experiences. She says, “When I was a kid, my mom used to suffer from severe menstrual pain until she was prescribed Chinese medicine. Besides, I had persistent cough when I was young and my condition improved only after receiving Chinese medication. I was so profoundly impressed that I determined to pursue Chinese medicine, hoping to help people in need.” Ming-ha’s acne problems, on the other hand, prompted her to fall in love with Chinese Medicine dermatology. In order to cure the skin problems, she started to read many Chinese medical literatures. Her encounter with Prof. Huang Feili, a Cosmetology Expert, the current Associate Director and Principal Lecturer, Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU during a study tour to Beijing in 1999, further reinforced her interest.

Ming-ha loves Chinese culture and is good at Taiji, Chinese dance, Chinese tea and Chinese guqin. She stresses that Chinese Medicine is indeed a traditional Chinese culture. However, there are not many literatures about Chinese Medicine dermatology. She wishes to introduce it to the global academic world and let more people learn about its efficacy. Ming-ha believes that diet prescription, acupuncture points, massage and exercises such as Taiji could help prevent chronic disease and bring better health.

Besides attending to her patients, Ming-ha also finds time to go to nursery homes and community centres to give elderly and children free medication. She believes universal education is very important to the general public. She often shares fundamental knowledge of Chinese Medicine via talks, publications and newspapers columns so that people could take better care of themselves, prevent diseases or alleviate sickness. Ming-ha has also planned to set up a charity fund to help the needy.

To stay healthy, Ming-ha believes that the most important thing is to strike a balance between interests and works. Despite her hectic work life, she insists on practising Taiji and Chinese dance. With her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, she has designed Meridian stretch exercises to help people prevent chronic disease. She also prepares special recipes to maintain a healthy diet.

Ming-ha shows great respect to two of her teachers. One of those is Prof. Liang Yong-neng, who gave her teaching opportunities that helped her cure her stutter. She also greatly appreciates Prof. Liang’s tireless guidance in her doctorate study. Another one is Prof. Li Min, Director of Teaching and Research Division, School of Chinese Medicine. Prof. Li’s tenacity and perseverance have made herself Ming-ha’s lifelong learning model.

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