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Recent Activities of HKBU Overseas Alumni Associations

President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Albert S.C. Chan and Associate Vice-President Prof. Frank Fu Congratulate the 4th Anniversary of HKBU Alumni Association of Australia

President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Albert S.C. Chan and Associate Vice-President Prof. Frank Fu attended the welcome dinner cum 4th Anniversary celebration of HKBU Alumni Association of Australia held on 8 August 2012 (Wednesday) in China town, Sydney, whereby they received warm hospitality from alumni Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Cheng, Mr. Chan Wing-yu and Mr. Hwang Shu-fan.

In his welcome remarks, Sidney thanked alumni and their family for their support rendered to the Association.

Prof. Chan briefed alumni of the latest development and future plan of the University including campus expansion as well as academic and research development. He also expressed his appreciation of HKBUAA of Australia’s engagement in community services and activities which displayed the spirit of Whole Person Education. Following Prof. Chan’s speech, Prof. Frank Fu introduced Homecoming Day 2012 (to be held on 20 October 2012) and “Flying Back Home Reunion” (to be held in October 2013) to alumni.

Prof. Chan also presented a meaningful Chinese couplet and Prof. Frank Fu presented his book “Sport for All and Health” and a unique HKBU T-shirt to alumni, who together made a kind donation of AUS$500 to the University on the spot.

As a closing note, Prof. Chan and Prof. Fu sang a birthday song together with the alumni to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Association.



HKBUAA of Southern California Presents Splendid Cantonese Opera Performance

With the aim of promoting Cantonese Opera in the Chinese community, Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association of Southern California successfully staged the 11th Cantonese Opera Performance on 30 June 2012. The performance was well received by a full house of enthusiastic audience who gave the performers rounds of applause and garlands of flowers at the end of the show.

Trained by the famous Cantonese Opera artist Lee Choy-ying, the troupe has demonstrated their strength and commitment in the Chinese traditional performing arts on the stage. Apart from performing to the local community, the Association has also performed in China, Macau and Portland, USA. In particular, the Association was invited to perform to celebrate the 50th and 55th Anniversary of HKBU. Invited by its alma mater, the troupe will perform again in October 2013 in Hong Kong. With a view to giving the best performance and showing their dedication to Cantonese Opera, the Association is full steam ahead planning for the programme and rehearsal in the meantime.



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