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Recent Activities of Local and Overseas HKBU Alumni Associations

Alumni Associations Join Hands

Responding to the call from HKBU Alumni Association, HKBU School of Business Alumni Association, the Corporate Governance and Directorship (HKBU) Society and HKBU MBA Alumni Association, over 30 alumni joined the "New Territories Walk For Millions" on 3 March 2013.

It was the second time that the four alumni associations jointly participated in the charity event which aimed at raising fund for family and child welfare services supported by the Community Chest. Alumni also had a spring lunch after the Walk. The get-together facilitated interaction and connection amongst the alumni associations, laying a foundation for them to organise more activities in the future.



HKBU alumni get together for charity




HKBUAA of British Columbia Organises the Annual General Meeting cum Spring Dinner

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association of British Columbia hosted the Annual General Meeting cum Spring Dinner on 16 March 2013. This delightful get-together was well attended by more than 60 alumni and guests, whereby the participants were updated of the latest development of HKBU and the ex-LWL site incident. They also showed their ardent support for the “One Person One Letter” campaign and 40 opposition letters for fighting for the zoning of southern part of the ex-Lee Wai Lee Campus for educational development purpose were collected in the dinner.




HKBUAA of Southern California’s Chinese New Year Gatherings

Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association of Southern California has organised some dinner gatherings and visits to celebrate the Chinese New Year, including a dim-sum gathering on 9 March 2013 and a visit to alumna Joanna Or’s office in February.


Alumna Susanna Ma(1st row, 2nd from left), President of HKBUAA of Southern California, and alumni take a group photo in the tea gathering

Alumni from Southern California send their Chinese New Year greetings

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