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Top-Up Degree Programme for Diploma / Hon. Diploma Alumni

In response to requests from graduates of early years to offer ways for them to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, HKBU has newly launched a Top-Up Degree Programme for those who graduated with a Diploma or Hon. Diploma from the then Hong Kong Baptist College.

The Top-Up programme aiming at facilitating alumni to fulfill their study and career goal offers the following Degree Programmes:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Communication
  • Bachelor of Science

Eligible candidates can obtain the Degree either through coursework or through writing a dissertation. In other words, it offers choice and flexibility to alumni to achieve their goal.

Please click here for detailed information and application. For enquiry, please call Academic Registry on 3411 7847 or e-mail ardirect@hkbu.edu.hk





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