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HKBU Alumnus Mr. Francis Mak (Chinese Language and Literature)

The BUddy Post reporter has interviewed a distinguished alumnus Mr Francis Mak (Chinese Language and Literature), Channel Head of Digital Family and Director of Education, and the programme host of digital radio programme“Meeting the Titanic Again Under the Starry Night”. Alumnus Makshared with us hissuccessful stories and many more.

Reporter: What are the differences between your current programme “Meeting the Titanic Again Under the Starry Night” and your past programme?

Alumnus Mak: When I produce a radio programme, I only have one goal and direction. That is, to produce a radio programme suitable for all age groups. For my current programme titled “Meeting the Titanic Again Under the Starry Night” which is broadcast on digital channel, the target audience is relatively limited as digital station is still under development and the base stations have not fully developed. There is still no coverage in areas like Yuen Long and,Tin ShuiWai.

In view of this, I have opened a Facebook account which helps widen the scope of audience. Facebook gives the advantages of enlarging the audience base through audience’s posting of messages. Nowadays, we definitely need Facebook to get into the younger generation. Nevertheless, I still encourage audience to call me on the show when they have got problems because it is a more direct means of communication.

Reporter: Your radio programme is well-received by audience. What is the secret of success?

Alumnus Mak: The secret of success is–having a true heart. Back in the 80’s, people asked me why my programme was so well-received even when I was always cynical to the audience. The answer is simple. I speak every word with heart,and respect to every audience even though I am sometimes cynical. As the programme host, I need to take care of the interest of other audience as well. After all, radio programme should be entertaining.

Besides, to be ambitious and setting a clear goal for yourself are equally important. I remember that, at the start of my career, I just followed what others did. For example, I followed the ways people did interviews with others. Later on, I started to question myself: Why should I follow others? Why couldn’t I conduct interviews in my own ways and set models to others? From then on, I worked hard to work my way out. Finally, my efforts were rewarded; the interviews that I conducted often appear on newspapers, front-page.When I achieve one goal, I will set another one for myself. This way, I make progress from time to time.

I love listening to people’s conversations wherever I go. I pay attention to what is happening around me. I listen to details including the topics, the use of words, the speed of speaking. All these little things can become part of my three-hour programme. I believe opportunities are only reserved for those who are well-prepared. Every night, I listen to my own programme for three times, figuring out how I can improve my answering techniques when the same question comes again. I do not believe in improvisation. I only believein preparation.

Reporter: What do you expect to bring to audience through your radio programme?

Alumnus Mak: I hope my programme could brighten people up. Our society today is full of negative energy and discontent. I hope my programme can deliver some positive messages and energy to others. I hope people would stop blaming and move forward to make a difference. I will give myself an eight if my audience feel relieved after talking to me and ten if they take my advice. I don’t think I can completely change a person. Everybody should work for his or her own success. All I can do is to use my relatively rich experience to share with them, to encourage them.

Reporter: Your work load is pretty heavy. How do you relax yourself?

Alumnus Mak: I enjoy my work and so I don’t really have a lot of pressure. All these years, I have learnt that the best way to maintain professionalism is to respect and enjoy what you do. In the past, I was always thinking about my work, non-stop. It seriously affected my health. Now, I realise that I need to let go and enjoy life more.

In leisure time, I spend time with my children and play badminton with them two hours a week. Although I still just sleep for four to five hours a night, the quality has much improved. I do not bring work to my dreams anymore.

Reporter: You have suffered from hepatitis 5 times in 3 years due to overwork. You have also undergone relationship and friendship problems? How did you overcome all these frustrations?

Alumnus Mak: I think my belief in God has helped me a lot. God has led my way through difficulties. I always try to live up to the biblical teaching “Love thy neighbour as thyself”.

Reporter: What is your motto of life?

Alumnus Mak: “Make time to be the eye, brain to be the ear and heart to be the mouth” In other words, let time prove the truth, think of what people say and speak from your heart.

Interviewee’s Biography:
Alumnus Francis Mak Yun Sau (BBS, MH), an experienced radio programme host, graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. He started his career in RTHK during his study and worked in different positions there after graduation. He has also worked as production consultant in Hong Kong Telecom, Director of Public Relations and Production in Commercial Radio, and External Promotion Consultant in Asia TV.

Francis received his Master’s degree in Communication at HKBU in 2005. He is now the Channel Head of Digital Family of Redefine Radio.

Francis was awarded with the Medal of Honour (MH) in 2005 and the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) in 2011, for his dedication in promoting sanguine and positive attitudes.



A photo captured at Alumnus Mak’s workplace at Digital Broadcasting Corporation HK Limited.

Alumnus Mak demonstrates live programme broadcasting.

Director of HKBU Alumni Affairs Office, Ms Melanie Lee, takes a picture with Alumnus Mak during the interview.

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